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Australia Mint Bullion & Coin FAQ - Learn how to buy gold bullion in Australia. See the full list of FAQ’s about buying and investing in Gold.

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You can open a Trading Account in your individual name, joint names, a company or your Self Managed Superannuation fund.

You can download an application form from our website. See below.

Fill out the form and provide 100 points of identification (Refer webpage '100 Point Identification'). The form plus certified copies of your identification can then be posted or scanned and emailed to us (you will need to post the originals to us). You may also choose to make an appointment to open an account.

Upon receipt of your application we will give you your personal Account Number and login details.

If you have any questions contact us at any time.

Open the Application Form for Individual or SMSF as a PDF below. Please print and attach the required identification and mail to us.

Phone us to request a current price.

After you confirm your order request we will send you a confirmation invoice. Once you receive this invoice it is a legal and binding contract. You must then immediately pay the funds by electronic funds transfer or by credit card (a credit card surcharge will apply).

If you wish AusMint to store your bullion investments we offer the following options at our Vault facility at Westpac Bank, 341 George Street, Sydney:

  1. Our secure bulk vaulted/deposit box storage is free for the first 12 months, with insurance included. The cost of storage and insurance in subsequent years is between 0.75% and 1.5% of the value of your investment per annum.
  2. Some clients choose to have their own personal Safety Deposit Box, with full replacement insurance included. The benefit of having your own personal Safety Deposit Box is that it is jointly controlled by AusMint and yourself in that you (or your agent) hold the second key. You can view your bullion holdings at any time. This added piece of mind may be of value to you.
  3. Of course you can acquire your own Safety Deposit Box with complete control. You are the only one with a key and may store any personal possessions with complete privacy. As we do not have a record of what is in this Safety Deposit Box, you are responsible for your own insurance.


GST is not charged on investment grade gold, silver and platinum bullion where a hallmark has been registered with the Australian Federal Government for tax exempt purposes. All gold, silver and platinum bars and many investment coins supplied by AusMint are GST free. GST is charged on some limited edition coins and palladium bars.

For overseas buyers the same conditions of GST status applies. Where GST is charged, overseas  buyers are able to claim this GST back via the tourism export scheme.


Absolutely. All information is kept confidential unless required by law. Under anti-money laundering and counter terrorism laws imposed by the Australian Government, we must report all cash transactions greater than $10,000 in value.

As part of the Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988 the government has imposed strict customer identification regulations for bullion traders, cash dealers and other financial institutions.

The minimum requirements of opening an AusMint 'Bullion Trading Account' without the Safety Deposit Storage option are providing certified documents showing, full legal name, date of birth and current address. Either a drivers licence or passport with an accompanying current utility bill.

To establish a Bullion Trading Account with AusMint 'Safety Deposit Storage' you must meet the 100 point ID check with the above minimum requirements being met. We will detail all acceptable documents to provide us with these requirements below.

Document Type Points

Passport or International Travel Document or Citizen Certificate or a Birth Certificate = 70 points. 

Driver's licence (Australian State Government Issued) or Australian public service employee card or Other Australian Government Issue ID Card or Social Security/Pension Card or Tertiary ID Card or Permit Government Issue = 45 points.

Certificate of title – mortgage / security document over title or Licence e.g. International / foreign or Credit/Debit/ATM card one card is permitted per financial institution or Electoral roll records or Medicare card or Rates notice – (water, council etc) or Utility bills or Statement of account from financial institution where account has been established for over 12 months or Telephone directory or Membership card e.g. (union, professional, trade, association, club, library, video library or other verification e.g. store card, id card) = 35 points.  

Additional Documents required for a Self Managed Super Fund:  Pages displaying the fund name, the ABN, along with the signature page located at the back of the deed.

Additional Documents required for a Company / Trust:  Documents showing the ABN and Company or Trust Name.

All documents must be original certified copies sent to Australia Mint Bullion & Coin at PO Box Q1223, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, NSW, 1230.

Copies may be sighted by our staff by appointment.

Certified copies of Identification MUST be notarised by one of the following: Justice of the Peace, Police Officer, Chemist, Australia Post, Bank Manager, Accountant, Doctor or Lawyer.

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