10th February 2018

 Investors braced themselves for another day of wild swings in the US equity markets and Friday’s session did not disappoint. The Dow Jones swung between a 2% loss to a 2% gain during the session, equivalent to about 500 points in either direction before closing 330 points higher on the day. The S&P-500 tacked on 38 points, while NASDAQ added 97, a gain of roughly 1.5% in each market. By week’s end, the S&P ended nearly 9% below the all-time high set just two weeks ago, although if one includes the intraday low print, the correction did extend beyond the 10% threshold considered significant. European shares fell 5.3% for the week, their biggest weekly drop since January 2016 and an index of world stocks mirrored that percentage decline almost to the tee.

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